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As we care for our clients, it has always been our endeavor to make things simple for them. That is why we have made the order placement and retrieval system very easy for clients, especially for the works related to embroidery digitizing and vectorizing.
There are numerous payment options to choose from so as to suit everyones convenience. It has also been made possible to make single payment for multiple invoices in one go thus saving lots of time of the users. You may also plan to make month end payment for all invoices. This flexibility to be able to pay weekly, monthly or invoice wise is a unique feature that is not available anywhere else.


All renowned service providers of Debit Cards and Credit Cards both online as well as offline. SMARTPUNCH EMBROIDERY module has been designed to protect the credit/ debit card information. Moreover while making the payments through your cards, the user makes the payment by feeding desired information directly with no need to load your credit card details on our website.
Note: No extra or hidden charges for rush order,miner editing.

  Phone(US only)

This facility enables the user to make payment by calling a USA registered phone no.


This is one of the most popular ways of making payment. Looking at the catching popularity and ease of handling payments thru Paypal we recommend users to seriously evolve this option.

  Wire Transfer

The users can also enable the option of wire money transfer to us.

  Purchase Orders

For the convenience of our customers we are ready to accept Purchase Order payments also.


This is a site similar to Paypal and is widely accepted all over the world, especially in the Euro Zone.
User can rest assured after reading the above that we provide them full flexibility to make payment from all possible payment options with the sole purpose of making the whole experience seamless and convenient. We hope that this will add value to the user experience and gives flexibility to pay after every order, every week or every month, do as you desire.


$15 Flat rate (under 5 inches UNDER 10,000 STITCHES).
$50 TO $100 Standard full back design.
Note: No extra or hidden charges for rush order, miner editing & sew out.


Vector: 15$ – 35$ depending on complexity.
Note: No extra or hidden charges for rush order,miner editing.